Сообщения за Февраль, 2011
Book "World Coin Collecting"


When we were children, we called the sides of our coins "heads" and "tails." If you want to be taken seriously as a numismatist (person who studies and collects coins), it is time to learn the proper terms to describe your coins. This way, you can talk to other collectors and coin dealers in the special language of coin collecting, and they'll not only understand what you mean, but they'll have a lot more respect for you as a serious numismatist.

Книги "Удивительный мир монет" и "Тайны старых монет"

Книга "Удивительный мир монет" http://www.lulu.com/shop/alexandr-makarov/world-coin-collecting/ebook/product-14733144.html

Другая книга "Тайны старых монет"

"World Coins", "yWriter5" book by Alexandr Makarov http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ruwriter